Video Footage showing incredible Prisoner escape

A prisoner awaiting a drug trial escapes prison in a dramatic event.


This is the dramatic moment a prisoner makes a brazen escape through a metal gate. Adirek Chompoonot, 36, was being transferred in shackles to a courthouse in Nan province, Thailand, on March 8.

The prisoner – awaiting a drugs trial – unpicked the ankle locks and spotted an unlocked metal gate before pushing past two cops. CCTV captured the moment officers pounced on Adirek who then slipped through their grasp and jumped on a waiting motorcycle.

But after a police manhunt, the fugitive was spotted driving a red Mazda and caught following a chase.

Deputy Superintendent Utai Wongkhamsaen said authorities had now launched a probe into how the prisoner escaped.

”We’re searching for an accomplice because we know that after the escape somebody helped the fugitive. He was able to use a mobile phone and acquire fire-arms”, he said.

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