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What does arrested suicide bomber widow know about Tuesday attack?

What does arrested suicide bomber widow know about Tuesday attack?

  • Vincent Achuka and Hassan Barisa
  • Posted on: 20th Jan 2019 00:00:00 GMT +0300

The key to solving how the dusitD2 terror attack was planned, financed and executed lies in what the widow of suicide bomber Mahir Khalid Riziki knows. That is if she is willing to tell that to detectives. As the state continues to widen its net to nail the perpetrators, the Anti-Terror Police Unit yesterday pounced on their biggest target yet — Suhalia Mwalim Bakari, the widow to Mahir Khalid Riziki. Investigators also returned to Isiolo and carted away material from a cyber café that Ali Salim Gichunge used to work in.

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It is said that a particular client used to frequent the cyber when Gichunge was working there and had not only formed a friendship with the slain terror suspect but also formed a habit of using a particular computer to a level where he placed a password on it. In a day of high police activity, two men were arrested as they tried to cross into Somalia through Garrisa. Aden Hassan Mohamed and Ibrahim Ali Guyo, both from Kismayu, had told their taxi driver Osman Abubakar to cross using a back route into Somalia. On sensing danger, the taxi driver drove into an Administration Police Camp at Alnjugur. A search was conducted on the car and the police recovered a Marakov and Zeska pistol. The police also found a white powder that has been taken for forensic examination. At the same time, ATPU sleuths went back to house number E9 in Guango Estate, Muchatha, where Gichunge and his lover Violet Kemunto lived for a year. Here, they carted away an internet router. A hole in the house in Muchatha has raised suspicion that it was being used to store the weapons used for the attack. This is as it emerged that apart from Gichunge, the rest of the attackers could have crossed from Somalia days before the attack before linking up with him at his house in Muchatha.

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With Gichunge and Khalid Riziki dead, the police have with them a prime suspect in Suhalia whom it is said was in constant communication with her husband when he was in Somalia for training. In Mombasa, the police also took for questioning a taxi driver who is believed to have been in communication with the attackers and had carried out some errands for them. A woman from Bondeni slum was also taken for questioning. The whereabouts of a mysterious woman known as Mariam Abdi, who also hails from Bondeni and is believed to have played a key role in the delivery of weapons to the attackers, is still unknown. Data from mobile phone numbers operated by Gichunge show that he was in Mombasa on a number of occasions over the last two months. It is believed that it was during this time that the weapons used in the attack were moved from the coast to Kiambu. Meanwhile, the search for terror suspects has been extended to Tana River and part of Lamu counties.

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