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New app helping drivers avoid fines

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There is a new app being trialled in Sydney that will help drivers avoid parking fines.

New app helping drivers avoid fines. Picture: 7NewsSource:Channel 7

Wouldn’t it be nice never having to worry about getting a parking fine again?

It might sound like a distant dream, especially for city drivers, but there is an app that is working to do just that.

The app, called Park’n Pay, will be trialled in Sydney and will help speed up the parking process by allowing drivers to pay for parking on their phone.

Drivers will also receive an alert if their meter is running low or if the park is about to turn into a no-stopping zone, a feature that will drastically help motorists avoid parking fines.

When users get the notification they have the option of topping up the meter through the app, meaning they don’t have to go all the way back to their parked car to do so.

The app will notify drivers when their parking meter is about to expire. Picture: 7News

The app will notify drivers when their parking meter is about to expire. Picture: 7NewsSource:Channel 7

“You’ll get notified in the event that the meter is running down so you can top it up on your phone,” NSW Finance Minister Victor Dominello told 7 News.

“We do a whole lot of transactions on our mobile phone, why not parking?”

The app is set to be trialled in the coming months in The Rocks area of Sydney. If it is a success, it will then be rolled out across the state.

There are plans to also include a feature that will help drivers find free spots, hopefully reducing congestion around busy areas.

It is believed the 10-minute “grace period” introduced across the state on January 31 will still apply when using the app.

Motorists now have 10 minutes from the moment their paid parking ticket expires to move their car before they can be fined.

The app is going to be trialled in Sydney, and if successful, will be rolled out across NSW.

The app is going to be trialled in Sydney, and if successful, will be rolled out across NSW.Source:News Limited

Treasurer Dominic Perrottet said the new rule was part of a number of changes designed to introduce a fairer and more commonsense approach to parking fines across the state.

“You can call it a ‘saving grace’ or an ‘amazing grace’, but there is little doubt people who are a few minutes late getting back to their cars will be the big winners,” Mr Perrottet said.

“This is a commonsense approach which means people won’t get a fine for being

five minutes late, have their day ruined and have the weekly budget compromised.”

The 10-minute rule doesn’t apply in all circumstances, however.

Drivers must pay for at least an hour of parking and have a ticket in order to get the 10-minute buffer.

So if you are parked in a private car park or at a meter that doesn’t issue tickets, then you’ll miss out.

The grace period also won’t apply to cars parked in bus lanes, loading zones, no-stopping areas, clearways, mail zones or special event parking areas.

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