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‘Pandemonium’: Retiring NBA star’s miracle

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NBA: Dwyane Wade has put up an incredible last second heave from 3 point range to give the Miami Heat a win over the Golden State Warriors.

Dwyane Wade shoots for the match winning three off balance and on one leg.Source:AP

The Miami Heat’s Dwyane Wade has turned back the clock with a stunning reminder why he’s considered a future Hall of Famer.

The 37-year-old, 13-time NBA All-Star showed he still has what it takes, sinking a buzzer beating three-pointer inside the last second to beat the Golden State Warriors 126-125.

But that description doesn’t do the score justice.

The Heat came into the match having lost six of their last seven games to sit in 10th in the East and came up against the Western Conference leading Warriors.

The Heat stuck with the Warriors throughout the match but with 18 seconds left were 124-120 down when the coach called a time-out.

Wade sunk a three, before they quickly fouled Kevin Durant, who is an 89 per cent free throw shooter in 2019 and had seven from eight for the night.

But in a stunning moment, Durant missed the first, leaving the door open for the Heat.

Enter Dwyane Wade.

The old adage of champions always want the ball in their hands comes to mind as Wade pulled off an incredible shot.

Wade pushed into the key but the Warriors swarmed and forced him to retreat.

He passed but got the ball back just as quickly, dodging Durant’s block attempt, before Jordan Bell smothered his second.

The ball bobbled for Wade, who shot off one leg, off-balance and banked in the most incredible Hail Mary.

The commentator called: “It counts, it counts — the Heat win the game. Dwyane Wade wins it for Miami. 126-125 — it just happened.”

The crowd lost their collective minds as the Heat celebrations went wild. The commentators even called it “pandemonium”.

Wade, his teammates and the home crowd went nuts at the incredible finish.

Wade, his teammates and the home crowd went nuts at the incredible finish.Source:AP

The Warriors reviewed the shot but it was good.

“That was a 12 on a scale of one to 10 that he’s still able to make that shot — unbelievable,” the commentators gushed.

Wade even seemed stunned with what just happened in the post-match on-court interview.

“Before the game when I was out here warming up, I was talking to my coaches and I told them I passed up some shots from three and I said if I pass up any today, fine me,” he said. “So I wanted to make sure I was aggressive and took the shots that were given to me.”

Wade said was channelling a 2009 buzzer beating three pointer from LA Lakers legend Kobe Bryant at the Staples Center, which left Wade was left speechless.

Today he was speechless for a different reason.

“I wondered when Kobe hit that game-winner on me in LA when he hit it on the glass at the top of the key, I thought how is that possible,” Wade said.

“Thank you for showing me the way — Mamba mentality.

Kobe was even appreciative of the call out.

It was also an incredible sense of deja vu with Wade, hitting a game winner against Philadelphia last year on the same date.

But in the post-match media scrum, Wade said it was incredible to sink the basket.

“I’ve been in this position so many times and so many times you don’t make the shot and the one I make is a one handed flick from my chest,” he said.

“I needed this one on my way out so you all got enough. But it was cool, I think the one thing that is cool is when you have younger teammates that have heard about some of the things you’ve done but don’t always get an opportunity to see it.”

Steph Curry doesn’t even look like he can believe it.

Steph Curry doesn’t even look like he can believe it.Source:AP

Social media also went into meltdown over the insane feat as the NBA legends mythology continues to grow.

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The Warriors were less impressed about the finish but still recognised the incredible feat.

Steph Curry summed it up best.

“I’d much rather see him jumping on the scorer’s table when we’re not on the court with him,” he said.

“But those are iconic moments that he’s had. Deep down it was cool to see even though we lost.”

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