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4,000 Year old Pyramid Unveiled in Egypt

The Egyptian authorities have inaugurated the 4,000 year old pyramid of Senusret II, the Pharaoh of the 12th Dynasty. It was unveiled for the first time to visitors after restoration works was completed.

The pyramid known as el-Lahun Pyramid, the royal cemetery dates back to the period between 1897 BC to 1878 BC and is located in Faiyum Governorate, 100 km southwest of the capital Cairo.

“The pyramid was built from mud brick, but its core consists of stone walls that were infilled by mud brick. It had a length of 106 meters, a slope of about 42 degrees and a height of 48.65 meters,” Egyptian Minister of Antiquities Khaled al-Anany said at a press conference.

The structure of the pyramid is supported by a natural rocky basement that carries a pyramid top and large limestone walls which provided support for the mud bricks, he added.

The pyramid was discovered in 1889 by the British archaeologist William Petrie.

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