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I’m sorry, MP tells locals after arriving at anti-liquor meeting tipsy

Kuria apologises after arriving at anti-illicit brew meeting tipsy

  • Mireri Junior 06th Jul 2019 14:36:02 GMT +0300

Molo MP Kimani Kuria who stunned the nation after attending an ant-illicit brew meeting drunk, has apologised to Kenyans and his constituents. Speaking at Chesingele village in his constituency, Kuria said the incident will not dampen his resolve to fight illicit brew in Molo and urged his constituents to join him in the anti-liquor war. “I am sorry for what happened and I want to tell my people that it will never happen again,” the MP said amid cheers from locals. Kuria said what happened is a clear indication that the war on illicit brew needs serious commitment because anyone can fall prey including the high and mighty in the society. The MP pledged to continue serving his constituents by initiating development projects. The youthful MP has found himself in trouble on Thursday contrary to his usual receptions after he reportedly showed up drunk at a public meeting meant to discuss illicit brews menace in Elburgon. Kuria had to practically be hoisted over the fence and supported to his seat before he was eventually ushered away from the venue. The meeting which was being chaired by Molo Deputy County Commissioner Wanyonyi ended in disarray as angry residents threatened to rough him up. Kuria, a first time MP was whisked away by the police and his security detail. According to the residents, the MP staggered after he was given the podium confirming the murmurs among the crowd that he was drunk. “He has brought us shame. We used to love him but he his actions today left us in shock,” one of the locals told the media.

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