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Investigating Lewis Hamilton’s Fabulous Hollywood Life Off the Race Track

Lewis Hamilton has drive—and he's going full speed head toward his next goal.

As a five-time Formula One World Champion racer, he's the most successful British driver in the history of the sport. He holds records for most career points, most wins at different circuits and the most grand slams in a season among countless others. And, he's just getting started.

Off the race track, the 34-year-old has positioned himself as a budding fashion icon, even launching his own line TommyxLewis with Tommy Hilfiger during 2018's New York Fashion Week.

"I love color. I love bold stuff. I quite like taking risks," he mused to GQ UK. "There are parallels between fashion and Formula One. We have 1,600 people in my team [Mercedes] to build those two cars and everything is built in-house. It's very similar to how they do these fashion shows. There's so much work that goes into it. Months and months for eight or ten minutes of a show."

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